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[ Featured Work ]

  • MCCA

  • Northeastern University

  • Right Turn

  • Legal Sea Foods

  • Flank.

  • LAER Realty

  • Barrett’s Haunted Mansion

  • Seaside Village

  • Newbury Comics

  • Atlantic Retail Properties

  • Battle Road

  • Pape Motors

[ Services ]

What we’re particularly good at is doing more with less. Like most of our clients, we didn’t get here on style points. We got here by doing whatever it takes to grow business month after month, year after year. And that comes from a powerful blend of business school disciplines and real world grit.

[ Who We Are ]

The team at Mittcom comes together from different backgrounds and for different reasons. What we seem to have in common is we hate losing. And we’re driven to come up with ways to help our partners win. Meet the Team.