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Massachusetts' Most Celebrated Packie!


After 75 years as a Massachusetts' institution, Kappy's Fine Wine and Spirits decided it was time to refresh their brand and customer base. While research showed strong loyalty among older locals, they weren’t as connected to those high-end-drinking millennials.

The Packie Renaissance

There's a powerful appeal in our market derived from experiences that are uniquely and traditionally "Massachusetts". The Sox. The Cape. The Accent. And The Packie — a unique nickname that reflects an almost affectionate relationship with one’s local package store.  Positioning Kappy's as Massachusetts' Most Celebrated Packie rang true emotionally and research confirmed its appeal to both the old locals and the new hipsters, while strongly differentiating them from competitors.


An authentic and appealing brand was built both internally and externally, creating a platform for continued growth based on real local values.

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