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Integration Is Not an Innovation

Across the conference table of every brand, everyone is having the same conversation. And they are all missing the point. Under the thrall of “new puppy syndrome” (a.k.a. whatever shiny new platform, ad unit, measurement tool, blah blah blah…), brands have repeatedly mistaken initial spurts for sustained, scalable growth. In the end, every successful conversation comes back to integration. To collaboration. To the efficiency of an informed team working together to achieve a common stated goal.

This isn’t new. This is not an “A-Ha” moment. These are table stakes.

Take for example when Facebook first opened its platform to brands. This was it. This was the panacea that would power commerce, build big category-defining brands, and – wait for it – disrupt. Then it wasn’t.

And so along came Pinterest (yes, we’re skipping ahead). Now there was a platform that uniquely-blended search & social, driving traffic to brand sites, where transactions could take place. Then they didn’t.

The most recent darling of this bunch has been Snapchat (despite its recent dip in share price). Here was the vaunted “millennial”, served up en masse on a platform designed for the way they consume media. Banksy & Bob Dylan, be damned. Milennials are consumers, too. Platforms proliferated. Audiences grew.

And through all this noise, while the instruments changed, the song remained the same: it’s always been about the customer. So brands’ challenge today is to resist that new puppy. To cut through buzz and platform PR, to identify where & when their customers are engaged.

Mittcom’s approach has never been platform-driven. We develop & deploy holistic strategies that consider the customer first, and integrate across media– from radio & TV, to digital & social, to influencer activations & PR. Our measurement of success starts and ends with your customers, the path between those points is paved by decades of experience reaching precisely-targeted consumers in media markets around the world. Success doesn’t happen in silos. It happens when teams articulate a holistic goal, and doggedly work to achieve it.

If you’re ready to start, we look forward to helping you get there. Connect with Ed Gazarian our SVP Digital and Social, at egazarian@mittcom.com