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Aaron Waters, VP Digital

Just when you think you’re getting a handle on this evolving medium and how to use it most effectively, it changes again. We’ve built a strong team of young digital experts that keep the agency and our clients hitting their numbers. As many of you know, Google recently came out with a new search algorithm known as “Possum 5”. We digital geeks are excited about it because it brings diversity to local search results and prevents spam from indexing.

Local & affiliation
Businesses that fall just outside city limits and used to be filtered out are now able to rank for the city searches.

Where you’re searching from will impact results, helping local businesses optimize “near me” searches.

Keyword variation
Slight variations between key words, abbreviations and changes in phrases can now significantly alter SERPS. That gives those who know how to play that game a real advantage.

Local & organic search
With this update, local and organic search are drifting apart. Many local businesses will see positive results from this – while businesses with a local market might see greater competition for ratings.