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[ Who We Are ]

The team at Mittcom comes together from different backgrounds and for different reasons. What we seem to have in common is we hate losing.
And we’re driven to come up with ways to help our partners win.

  • Bruce Mittman


  • Glenn Lucas

    Executive Vice President

  • Scott Bernstein

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Deborah Delany

    Director of Design

  • Jeff Billig

    Creative Director

  • Jon Amerikaner

    Director of Video Production

  • Ed Gazarian

    Senior Vice President, Digital & Social Media

  • Carol Patch

    Senior Copywriter

  • Chris Varnum

    Product Manager

  • Andrew Thorp

    Digital Account Manager

  • Allie Burak


  • Gabby DeMaria

    Digital Marketing Manager

  • Katerina Zambidis

    Senior Account Manager

  • Kelly Dybel

    Traffic Coordinator

  • Amishi Sindhwani

    Social Media Manager

  • Luke Dent

    Video Editor