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Less Chichi
More Scrappy

At Mittcom, we appreciate the sweet science of retail and thrive on the competitive challenges and rewards of selling.
We respect our clients for their success thus far and earn our keep by making them more successful.
We are not the biggest but we’re the dog you want in a fight.

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[ Case Studies ]




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[ Featured Work ]

  • MCCA

  • Northeastern University

  • Right Turn

  • Legal Sea Foods

  • Flank.

  • LAER Realty

  • Barrett’s Haunted Mansion

  • Seaside Village

  • Newbury Comics

  • Atlantic Retail Properties

  • Battle Road

  • Pape Motors

[ Services ]

What we’re particularly good at is doing more with less. Like most of our clients, we didn’t get here on style points. We got here by doing whatever it takes to grow business month after month, year after year. And that comes from a powerful blend of business school disciplines and real world grit.

[ Who We Are ]

The team at Mittcom comes together from different backgrounds and for different reasons. What we seem to have in common is we hate losing. And we’re driven to come up with ways to help our partners win. Meet the Team.

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[ Who We Are ]

The team at Mittcom comes together from different backgrounds and for different reasons. What we seem to have in common is we hate losing.
And we’re driven to come up with ways to help our partners win.

  • Bruce Mittman


  • Glenn Lucas

    Executive Vice President

  • Scott Bernstein

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Deborah Delany

    Director of Design

  • Jeff Billig

    Creative Director

  • Sara Mahoney

    Vice President, Account Services

  • Jon Amerikaner

    Director of Video Production

  • Carol Patch

    Senior Copywriter

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Contact Information

300 1st Avenue, Suite 204, Needham, MA
+ (781) 247-0730

Get in Touch

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[ Services ]

What we’re particularly good at is doing more with less. Like most of our clients, we didn’t get here on style points. We got here by doing whatever it takes to grow business month after month, year after year. And that comes from a powerful blend of business school disciplines and real world grit.



Our agency actually evolved out of the broadcast media world where our principals spent time as station owners and managers. We exploit high-level strategy, deep insider knowledge and powerful negotiating techniques that yield significantly better media metrics and sales results for our clients’ budgets in all media.

It takes more work, and the process isn’t necessarily pretty, but all our clients’ results are enhanced by the added value we generate through early buying, station promotion, media integration, bonus media, exclusive programming and relationship marketing.



You don’t have to be a retailer to appreciate the strategic and creative rigor we put into driving measurable sales results. But it’s easy to see why they do.

At Mittcom, the process begins with a comprehensive analysis of the branding, economic, category, market and media trends affecting a client’s performance. Based on experience and research, we set specific and realistic performance goals as we present a plan. So our clients actually have some idea what they’re buying, besides “creative” and “media”. And each month we measure our results and adjust media and creative accordingly.



Best practices and creativity make strange marketing partners. Best practices want to do what’s worked before and expect the same results, while great creative is driven by the desire to do something new to achieve more dramatic and longer-term results. We’re all in for both.

Based on business philosophy, brand or budget, different clients have different creative requirements and tolerances. As long as they’re our clients, it’s our job to achieve their goals within their brand and budget parameters. When all is said and done, each month we look at the quantitative results to see how well we did and how we can do better.



Meaningful brand development and differentiation is often trampled in the hurly burly price/item/location/800 number/website world of retail because, well, in most agencies branding and retail are oil and water. Most branding experts don’t love retail and vice versa. We love mixing it up. With accomplished high-level strategic and branding leaders meshing gears with hard-core bean-counting retail masters, we develop branding that’s built for and measured at the bottom line.



Our strong digital and social story comes from that fact that our digital and social expertise is spread throughout the agency. More than a department, it’s the water we all swim in. So it naturally infuses itself into every strategy and campaign. It’s one of the benefits of being the size we are.

With no departmental turf wars or pecking orders, our programs are integrated from the start around brand and customer experience, and every media execution works harder because it is produced as a working part in an overall plan.



Car dealers are in a class of their own. A class that knows how to make money. Mittcom has developed strong and successful relationships with car dealers over the years. Not surprising since we, like few agencies, are comfortable with their scrappy nature and bottom line disposition. Starting in the Metro Boston Area, we now handle dealers throughout New England and into the Mid Atlantic states. We’re proud that we’ve been able to help so many of our dealers establish dominant positions in their markets.

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Bruce J. Mittman


Bruce, our President/CEO, is a thirty-year veteran of the Marketing/Advertising and Broadcasting wars. Passionate, tireless, and some might say competitive, Bruce has had extraordinary success with start-ups and turnarounds in both marketing and broadcasting environments. He sharpened his advertising teeth working with Boston’s top creative talent at Marvin and Leonard, followed by a long run at Arnold, Boston’s dominant retail agency at the time.  As technology entered the picture, he headed up a 50-person database marketing group. Bruce then went on to build a successful New England Sports network, as well as five different radio stations. Under his leadership, WAAF-FM was named “Rock Station of the Year” in Billboard Magazine, Radio & Records Magazine and FMQB. Bruce holds an MBA in finance from Northeastern University.

Bruce is also currently a partner of Community Broadcasters, a Broadcast Company, which owns 18 radio stations in the Watertown and St. Lawrence Valley, Olean and Elmira/Corning, NY markets.

Bruce is a 15 handicap, but be forewarned, he plays even better when there’s money involved.

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Scott Bernstein

Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer at Mittcom, Scott oversees the day-to-day operation, account management, and all business development initiatives. As a marketer, he brings unique and powerful perspectives along with a record of working across disciplines to engage consumers in conventional and unconventional ways.

Before joining Mittcom, Scott was Vice President of Marketing for World Wrestling Entertainment, helping the global organization crush the competition and redefine an industry.  At WWE, Scott controlled the brand marketing, advertising, promotion, social media marketing and customer relationship management for the global sports entertainment company. Prior to WWE, Scott served as Vice President of Global Marketing for National Amusements, Inc., a privately held entertainment and cinema exhibition company, operating over 1000 screens worldwide. Scott had also led the domestic and international marketing initiatives for the Hard Rock Café and all marketing for the Comedy Connection Comedy.

Not many marketers understand the value of entertainment or leverage entertainment value the way Scott can.

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Jeff Billig

Creative Director

Jeff is a nationally-recognized writer and Creative Director. Before joining Mittcom, he held senior copy and Creative Director positions at Foot Cone & Belding, Chiat/Day, and Wayfinder Marketing in San Francisco as well as Arnold, Hill Holliday and PARTNERS+Simons in Boston. He has extensive experience in B2B, technology, healthcare and financial services as well as consumer goods and services.

Jeff has won over 100 local, national and international awards for his work in some of industry’s most competitive marketplaces, including market-redefining campaigns for Reebok vs Nike, Dell vs Compaq, Lotus vs Microsoft, Schwab vs Merrill Lynch, and locally, Hood vs Garelick.  He’s the creative guy you want to go into battle with.

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Deborah Delany

Director of Design

A devout exerciser and healthy eater, Deborah brings passion and experience in the digital and print design field to Mittcom every morning.  Creating impactful visual solutions for clients in a range of industries, she wields expertise in all facets of design including web, print, illustration and interactive. Previously she has held senior design positions at WGBH, BladeLogic and Forrester Research. Deborah holds a Bachelor of Art degree in Graphic Design from Roger Williams University.

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Glenn Lucas

Executive Vice President

Glenn is an accomplished media director and sales and marketing manager with demonstrated expertise in creating and implementing strategies that increase revenue. He has proven ability to manage change in both start-ups and established organizations. Glenn has successfully developed multi-million dollar integrated media strategies at Mittcom with TV, Cable, Radio, Digital and Print for Boch Enterprises, Subaru of New England, Legal Sea Foods, Patch Products, and The Paper Store.

Glenn has also has managed and developed multi-market radio sales and sports radio networks locally and nationally for Entercom WEEI-FM, WAAF-FM, WRKO-AM, CBS Radio WBZ-AM, Buckley Broadcasting WDRC-FM and WFNX-FM Radio Network. Glenn works with each budget to optimize returns to create successful media campaigns.

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Jonathan Amerikaner

Director of Video Production

As our Director of Video Production, Jonathan manages all elements of TV and Online video production. Something he’s been doing professionally for 15 years.

Beginning as a CBS-TV News videographer and editor shortly after graduating high school, Jonathan went on to get his BA in film from Cal/Berkeley.

Prior to joining Mittcom, he wrote, shot, directed and edited corporate videos for MOTU Inc. as well as shooting and editing independently for ELEMENT Productions, The Patriots (but not spygate), The Celtics, Harvard, Northeastern, and the University of California.

His unique blend of creative talent, production versatility, and business smarts allows us to offer our clients high quality videos, in house, to meet the reality of their budgets.

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Carol Patch

Senior Copywriter

A magna cum laude graduate of Brown University in poetry, Carol found her professional niche in advertising and mastered the crafting of warm creative for cold hard retail result. Her resume includes an impressive list of consumer, business-to-business and public service work in print, digital and broadcast communications. Her strategic, results-oriented writing and collaborative nature has earned the respect of clients and advertising peers alike, garnering awards in both the print and broadcast arenas.

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Sara Mahoney

Vice President, Account Services

For over 10 years, Sara has been the driving force behind our growing roster of automotive accounts. Her experience and efficiency are well suited to the monthly demands of multiple dealers. Working closely with clients, Sara establishes goals and strategic plans, analyzing the competition and market trends. She then brings together creative, digital and media teams to achieve client objectives.  Perhaps her most demanding and rewarding position to date is being a Mom to new baby girl, Calista. Impressively juggling her role at Mittcom with motherhood is just one more example of Sara’s commitment and competence.
Prior to joining Mittcom, Sara worked with ISM on brands including the Four Seasons Hotel and Resorts. American Express Travel, Emirates Airlines, and the island of Barbados, to name a few.

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Ed Gazarian

Vice President - Digital

As Mittcom’s Senior Vice President of Digital & Social Media, Ed heads a team of digital natives that relentlessly cut through the noise to produce big, brand-building strategies that move our clients’ business forward.

Before joining Mittcom, Ed was a Vice President, Marketing Director with Arnold Worldwide, working on some of the agency’s largest, and most complex accounts – including Carnival Cruise Lines. Prior to Arnold, Ed served as the Managing Partner at Pandemic Labs, a privately-held boutique agency listed on the INC 5000, where he led a global creative and media-buying team that integrated social media with traditional marketing, communications, public relations, and reputation management for The Ritz-Carlton, Sonic Automotive, Au Bon Pain, The Utah Office of Tourism, and National Amusements, Inc.

A globally-recognized thought-leader in digital & social media, Ed is passionate about putting holistic marketing to work, and sharing brands’ stories with consumers around the world.

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